Danger Static Electric Sign

Danger Static Electricity Sign

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This Danger Static Electricity Sign comes in a variety of sizes. 

Danger Static Electricity Sign.

Static Electricity is a heavy accumulation of Electrons and Protons that build up a charge.  Not only can this accumulation build up on electrical components such as transformers, computers etc but also your clothing and body and even liquids and the air we breathe.  

The following are all forms of Static Electric states and these signs should be posted around areas that are prone to static electricity.  Static Electricity can cause severe burns and can even stop ones heart. For a safe work space it is important to remind all personnel about the Dangers of Static Electricity.

  • Tribo-electrification occurs when two different materials make contact and then separate (walking across a carpet).
  • Liquid shear charging is created by the flow of liquids through a pipe, hose or vessel such as a tanker truck filling up through a pipe.
  • Free falling liquids that generate charge while falling through the air such as rain. 
  • Induction charging occurs when a neutral non-grounded object moves into the electric field that surrounds a highly charged object. 
  • Corona charging is caused when a non-conductive object is sprayed with a stream of material that is electrically charged (electrostatic paint spraying). 

Our signs are printed using a Thermal Printing process that is durable.  This Danger Static Electric Sign is available in multiple sizes and quantities in Aluminum or Adhesive Vinyl.

We offer the following sizes in Adhesive Vinyl Signs:

- 5 pack of 3.5"H x 5"W
- 5"H x 7"W
- 7"H x 10"W
- 10"H x 14"W

You can also select Aluminum from the drop down above.  We offer
-10"H x 14" W
- 7"H x 10" W

We use 3M and Oracal Vinyl for our Signs and Hard Hat Stickers.

ORACAL has a thickness of 2.5mil .  Using a clear, solvent-based, permanent adhesive. The vinyl has a durability rating of up to six (6) years. Note: The durability will depend on the elements, any corrosive liquids making contact etc.

If you pick the Aluminum option it will have the 6yr vinyl affixed to a .040 Aluminum Blank with 4 holes punched in the corners for ease of installation.


Danger Static Electricity Sign

Static Electricity Sign

Danger Static Electricity

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